SIBA is a private and politically neutral non-profit making and non-trading association.


To expand and develop business and trade between Switzerland and Ireland and to foster economic co-operation between the two countries

To organise the exchange of pertinent information and experiences, especially through the common discuss of current topics

Practical Objectives

  • To facilitate contacts between potential business partners
  • To keep members up to date about current developments in Switzerland and Ireland
  • To keep a list of enterprises established in Irland with business and trade connections with Swiyzerland
  • To organise social and business networking events to create closer links between its members

Company Members

  • Swiss enterprises established in Ireland
  • Irish Enterprises exporting to Switzerland or having other business connections with Switzerland
  • Institutions dealing with economic relations between Ireland and Switzerland

Honorary President

The Swiss Ambassador shall be the Honorary President of SIBA

Committee of the Association

  1. Advance Notice of ten working days to be given of all Committee Meetings having obtained confirmation of date from Honorary President
  2. A quorum for a Committee Meeting shall be not less than four members. A quorum shall include the Chairman for the time being for Honorary President where practical
  3. The Chairman shall be appointed by the Honorary President for a period not exceeding one year subject to being elected at the Annual General Assembly (“AGA”) provided that if the office of the Chairman is vacated, the Honorary President may appoint the chairman pending the next AGA.
  4. A Committee Member may be appointed Chairman for a maximum of two consecutive terms of one year.
  5. The AGA shall appoint the Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer provided that any such office if vacated, may be filled by a person appointed by the Committee pending the next AGA.
  6. Meetings hall be chaired by the Chairman and in his/her absence the Vice Chairman and in his/her absence the Honorary President
  7. An agenda settled by the Committee shall be circulated by the administrator of SIBA prior to all Committee Meetings.
  8. The minutes of Committee Meetings shall be circulated as soon as practical by the administrator of SIBA
  9. The number of Committee Members shall not exceed sixteen or the number of members of the Association (whichever is the lower).
  10. All votes/resolutions of the Committee shall be by majority vote with the Chairman of the Meeting having the casting vote in the event of deadlock.